WAGwagnis_west Cooperative Housing Freiham

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Munich (DE)
  • GBA:21.691 m²
  • Year:2018-03
  • PS:1–4 (5)

485. WAG – wagnis_west Cooperative Housing Freiham / Munich (DE)

At home in the city in the country

Who dares wins, they say! In the transition zone between city and country, on a site in Munich’s Freiham urban development area, a residential project is gaining shape that offers rooms for different intensities of communal living—from individual apartments to housing communities with shared living rooms, and to cluster apartments. Five heterogeneous built volumes add up into a vital ensemble, which, differentiated as it is, will also be able in the future to adaptively respond to its local surroundings between urban integration and rural idyll. Despite their differences in appearance, the buildings are unmistakably related and also share some architectural traits. So, for example, they are all accessed over a footbridge—whether it is an access balcony or an overpass across a pedestrian path, or a network of interior circulation paths. These lively circulation zones provide meeting areas and places of encounter while unfolding views across the estate. Here, community rules. Here, diversity reigns. This is also evidenced by smaller apartment sizes, which were reduced in favor of community spaces or outdoor areas. And the public sphere—from a wide orchard meadow to the classical enclosed town square—also reflects the diversity of the estate. What is in the making here is a town inside the city. A diverse microcosm with maximum connection with nature. A pioneering project that speaks of the harvests of everyday urban life.

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project stages: 1–4 (5)
Client: Wohnbaugenossenschaft wagnis eG & Wohnungsgenossenschaft München-West eG

Competition: 03.2018 – 1st prize
Completion: 2022
GFA: 21.691 m²

Team Competition: Christopher Palm, Felix Reiner, Franziska Nuber
Team Execution: Alexandra Hegmann, Arno Denk, Christian Slama, Eileen Dorer, Jan Fischer, Jan Schröder, Katrin Schubert, Lukás Morong, Leonie Winkler, Martina Berlinger

Fire protection planning, structural engineering, building physics, technical building services equipment: Bauart Brandschutz GmbH, Halle
Open space planning: bauchplan, Munich

Acoustic planning: Müller-BBM GmbH, Munich

Model: AllesWirdGut
Visualisations: AllesWirdGut
Illustrations: AllesWirdGut