PEPResidential estate Prinz-Eugen-Park

  • Status:Construction
  • Typology:HOU
  • Location:Munich (DE)
  • GBA:40.175 m²
  • Year:2015-05
  • PS:1–5

PEP – Residential estate Prinz-Eugen-Park Munich - 263 units

Lively Variety

The construction of a new residential estate at the Prinz Eugen Park development site in Munich gives a new identity to what formerly were the premises of an Engineers’ barracks.

The basic structural element of this residential project which is subsidized by the Munich municipality is the shelf. The entire estate is bracketed by a shelf-like structure that compartmentalizes the whole built volume while signaling the uniform function of the building on the outside. Within these shelves, heterogeneous individual units, or townhouses, with individual facade designs provide for diversity and smaller scales. The synergy between the shelves and what they contain creates a residential building of a special varied charm.

Another special building feature is the stairwell which serves as an expanded community space and central communication area. It is a transparent airy garden house which, like an orangery, creates a special microclimate between inside and outside and a light-flooded ambience both in the circulation areas and for the adjoining apartments.

Planning: ARGE AllesWirdGut & wimmerundpartner
Project Stages: 1–5
Client: GEWOFAG Holding, Munich

Invited Competition: 05.2015 – 1st Prize
GBA: 40.175 m² / 263 Units

Team Competition: Adam Gajdoš, Felix Reiner, Kay Sommer, Lukas Morong, Rachele Albini
Team Execution: Alexander Tscherevko, Anna Auwermann, Christian Rollbühler, Eileen Dorer, Jan Fischer, Jan Schröder, Kristina Demund, Marta Bimova, Redl Simon

Landscape design: club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten, Cologne
Energy: transsolar Energietechnik, Munich
Fire-protection planning: VASKO+PARTNER INGENIEURE, Vienna

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Visualitzation: MISS3
Model: mattweiss