REIQuartier du Parc Reimerwee

  • Status:Built
  • Typology:HOU
  • Location:Kirchberg (LU)
  • GBA:17.900 m²
  • Year:2021-06
  • PS:1–5

REI – Quartier du Parc Reimerwee, Kirchberg (LU) – Subsidized Housing (94 Living Units)

Building a family

Father, mother, child. Like a prototypical family, two large and two small buildings combine into an ensemble accommodating a total of 94 residential units in Kirchberg, Luxembourg City. Two stretched-out linear buildings in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee are located on the north-eastern edge of a new development area, with the north-western side lined by Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. To the south, the complex opens up to Parc Réimerwee. Two point-block buildings complete the ensemble, creating an architectural quartet of individualized buildings. The differentiation of the built volumes makes for a heterogeneous, varied appearance of the total complex in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee—like different characters in a family. In the linear block along the street, all apartments are oriented to face the park and all have a balcony or terrace. In the park-side buildings, the apartments are open on all sides, which facilitates residential units that are highly varied in layout. The connecting stairwell widens into a community space with a shared terrace. The building façades are horizontally structured, with the white strips of the floor slabs projecting on the residential levels to provide room for spacious balconies. Wraparound railings reinforce the dynamic effect of the built volumes harmoniously embedded in the family ensemble.


A high-quality facade, with generous exposure areas and large wrap around balconies, is anything but ordinary for a social housing building. However, this was consistently implemented in the Residential Estate project Quartier du Parc Reimerwee to enable exemplary living in the park.


Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–5
Client: Sociéte Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché (SNHBM), Luxembourg + Fonds Kirchberg

Competition: 10.2015 – 1st Prize
Completion: 06.2021
GFA: 17.900 m²

Team Competition: Felix Reiner, Karel Bartos, Laurenz Batka, Ria Roberg
Team Execution: Baptiste Quételart, Florian Gottler, Jessica Wannhoff, Luca Melchiori, Miriam Bachmann

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2022