NB1Residential Tower Nordbahnhof

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:31.200 m²
  • Year:2018-05
  • PS:1–5, 7

NB1 Residential Tower Nordbahnhof

High shalt thou live!

Anything that wants to grow needs room and plenty of sun. Building a 340-unit residential tower in Vienna’s most central urban development zone, AllesWirdGut are already realizing their second project in the flourishing area of the former Northern Railway Station premises. The varied built volume is substantially larger than it seems. Due to its stepped façade which drops off in height toward Nordbahnstraße, the building presents itself differently from each perspective—skillfully concealing its actual total cubature. The slim looking residential high-rise is situated around a central green heart. For better sunlighting of the apartments, the façade is gently bent, which makes it considerably longer. The result: more sunlight! A cascaded sequence of terraces, gardens, and lively outdoor areas, the high-rise on the former Norther Railway premises also distinctly relates to nature—a concept that centers on the confluence of street and park. Accordingly, there is floor space for commercial and restaurant purposes available on all ground-floor corners and ends of the built volume, at the interface to the city, which unfolds a fruitful field of social interaction, permeable from both sides. Ideal circumstances, in other words, to put down some roots—and grow and rise up to the sky!

Architecture: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–5, 7
Client: ÖVW - Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk

Competition: 05.2018
Completion: 09.2024
GFA: 31,200 m²

Team: Adam Gajdoš, Anna Dombi, Bogdan Hambasan, Felix Reiner, Harald Groll, Irvin Ahatovic, Jan Schröder, Jana Skladana, Martin Brandt, Michal Stehlik, Ondrej Stehlik, Paweł Ząbczyński

Landscape Architecture: DnD Landscape Planning
Fire protection planning: Adsam Brandschutzplanung
Structural engineering: Mischek ZT GmbH
HVAC: Mischek ZT GmbH
Electrical planning: Mischek ZT GmbH

Model: mattweiss
Visualization: spirit pixel - Simonicek/ AllesWirdGut
Illustration: AllesWirdGut