HSMGo Four It | Business Park Hanauer Straße

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:München (DE)
  • GBA:60.800 m²
  • Year:2020-11
  • LPH:1–4

HSM – Go Four It | Business Park Hanauer Straße/ Munich (DE) | Consortium Zechner & Zechner and AllesWirdGut

City Office, Office City

The way is the goal, they say. In this case, the way is even a strada as the center axis of the new business park, connecting Hanauer and Ehrenbreitsteiner Strasse.

On the basis of an existing area plan, Zechner & Zechner and AllesWirdGut developed a lively highly-densified business park. The strada is the central access and circulation axis, a high-quality outdoor space of supralocal urban significance. In its spatial articulation as a sequence of narrower sections and widenings rich in attractions, the strada generates an urban atmosphere that is quite unlike what you find in the usual business park.

The predefined built-up volume, divided up between a northern and a southern block building, reaches is maximum height, six upper floors, along the heavy-traffic Hanauer Strasse. This marks the beginning of the identity-forming strada with its urban public-space character which becomes gradually less pronounced toward Ehrenbreitsteiner Strasse and the adjoining residential quarter.

Four buildings are structured by clefts and breaches and further differentiated through stepped upper floors and entrance-forming recesses. The lower floors with their greater ceiling heights and expanded technical building services enable types of use that contribute to livening up the quarter. Aside from shops, restaurant, and social facilities, spaces are created for start-ups and new forms of work, from creative activities to gentle production: an urban plinth in the microcity.

The upper floors accommodate flexibly usable office spaces that allow for varied spatial layouts beyond the typical central corridor with rows of cubicles and often have adjoining outdoor spaces. Narrow terraces in the area of the stepped upper storeys and generously equipped roof areas above the third upper floor open up a variety of visual relationships and enter into a lively dialogue with the strada below.


A real urban building block in the commercial district. A vibrant, public strada, lined with an urban plinth, connects what was previously separate. Better than before. That is always our goal.

Planning: ARGE Zechner & Zechner/ AllesWirdGut
Project stages: 1–4
Client: EB32 Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Grünwald

Facade Competition / Direct Commission: Nov. 2020
GFA: 60,800 m²

Team: Denise Graviat, Georg Scherrer, Julian Tratter, Julia Stockinger, Kristina Mosor, Ladislav Farkas, Margarete Deweis, Martin Brandt, Patrick Tinauer, Peter Jakubíček, Philip Langer, Rachele Albini, Teodora Bucurenciu, Till Martin, Timo Pilz

Certification: Kremeier Partner Ingenieure
Fire Protection: Heister + Ronkartz
Landscape Architects: MGK
Light planning: Sekles Planungsbuero
Building Services: Janowski Ingenieure
Structural Engineering: C-I-P
Construction Physics: Müller-BBM
Facade Planning: Rache Engineering

Illustration: AllesWirdGut
Visualization: Backsteen, Alt/Shift | Project name "Go Four It": Backsteen
Model: mattweiss