HOLBruckner Tower Linz

  • Status:Built
  • Typology:EDU, HOU
  • Location:Linz (AT)
  • GBA:59.990 m²
  • Year:2021-12
  • PS:1–4 | 5,6,7 (part.)

HOL Bruckner Tower & Anton Bruckner International School, Linz (AT)

Dense cityscape

On the premises of the former Bruckner University, an architectural symbiosis of living and education weaves into an urban design symphony in the urban fabric. A lively quarter building block, the Bruckner Tower on the north side of Linz contributes to creating a connected built-up ensemble and provides a varied and livable urban space. The bent multi-aspect façades of the clearly readable sculptural structure respond to its architectural context and give the high-rise a slender silhouette with a changing appearance. The Bruckner Tower thus is able to act as an ingenious landmark and backbone for the cityscape east of the Lentia complex. Its distinctive shape is underscored by wraparound strip balconies with parapets that seem to dematerialize in upward direction, from massive concrete to optically lighter delicate glass. The transparent two-story plinth is positioned around an inner courtyard which gives on to a generous plaza on the north side. The plinth, which accommodates a school and kindergarten, combines with the residential high-rise into one unified design composition, which is accentuated by the inner courtyard, the two plazas, and rooftops with generous green areas.

The 30 floors of the Bruckner Tower add up to a total height of 96 meters, making this sculptural landmark almost as tall as the 98-meter central tower of the Vienna City Hall. Give or take two meters, what makes the real difference is that, while a view from the top of the Vienna City Hall is reserved exclusively for the knightly Rathausmann statue, the view that Bruckner Tower unfolds will definitely make all residents' hearts leap.

>>Drone Flight<<

Architecture: AllesWirdGut & Hertl.Architekten
Client: Bruckner Immobilien GmbH
Project Stages: 14 | 5, 6, 7 (partitially)

Competition: March 2017 – 1st Prize
Completion: December 2021
GFA: 59,990 m²

Team AllesWirdGut: Barbara Schickermüller, Christopher Schweiger, Dominic Fohrer, Fabian Bartel, Felix Kämpfel, Felix Reiner, Florian Gottler, Gerlinde Starlinger, Guilherme Silva da Rosa, Johannes Windbichler, Rachele Albini, Teresa Aćimović, Tin Jelavic, Vittorio Salvadori

Construction physics: TAS Bauphysik
Fireprotection : Firex Gresslehner GmbH
Building services planning: TB Wiesauer
Landscaping: DnD Landschaftsarchitektur
Structural engineering : Schindelar ZT GmbH

Drone Flight: Faruk Pinjo
Photos: tschinkersten fotografie (2–11) | Faruk Pinjo (12–22)
Illustrations: AllesWirdGut & Hertl.Architekten