ZBBZDrive in Hybrid

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Bozen (IT)
  • GBA:100.000 m²
  • Year:1999-10
  • PS:1

ZBBZ - Drive in Hybrid

Strategies for innercity densification

Three superregional routes of transportation run through the urban space: the existing railway route, chiefly used for passenger services, the planned railway route to serve as key north-south freight traffic connection, and the Brenner highway. The project develops an offensive superstructural and connecting strategy for all traffic networks. The infrastructure and city are not separated, but rather integrated such that synergy results from the two systems. Along the railway bridge over the Eisack, the speedway crossing 8m above will be widened to form a freely passable surface. Linking the highway, the speedway and local roads, the bridge communicates with the railroad freight route via large loading docks. This serves to make the fallows along the southern junction available for a logistics center, terminals and services located directly at the existing industrial zone. The area of the railroad station is modified such that the existing barriers to the old town are neutralized and the fallows become an urban extension.

The new railroad route is integrated in heterogeneously serviceable superstructures. At the central Virgl viaduct arching over the highway, likewise, the adjacent railroad route will be interpreted in terms of creating a complex traffic and urban junction to show the highest possible frequency of passers-by: street junctions turn into attractive superstructures, and downtown complexes are opened to traffic.

Client: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1
GBA: 25.000 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut

Visualizations: AllesWirdGut