WIMWimmer Media Quarter

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Linz (AT)
  • GBA:17.100 m²
  • Year:2011-10
  • PS:1

WIM – Wimmer Media Quarter

A Town Inside the City

An analysis of the construction site and its surroundings shows a heterogeneous structure. The design provides for the closing of the perimeter so as to clearly define the intra-urban space and circumscribe it with a uniform edge. This mainly consists of firewalls and different rear views of the individual houses.
Various projections and setbacks of the existing buildings shape courtyards and plazas whose edges are only partially defined.
Visitors of the quarter wander through a succession of different urban elements such as pathways, passages, courtyards, squares etc. From the base, three clearly defined volumes rise up (Media Tower, Residential Tower, Hotel) which mark out the central “Media Plaza” and its significance as the main square of the quarter.
The simple formal vocabulary creates an ensemble that is in contrast to the uneven edges of the surrounding buildings. The resulting open rooftop space is situated in a continuous field of tension between the old and the new.
The experienceable and walkable opening of the base area and the new ground-floor courtyards creates the most intimate elements in the total layout as well as a hierarchy from public to private.

Client: J. Wimmer GmbH
Competition: 10.2011
GBA: 17.140 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team: Cassandra Guimaraes Carvas, Jakub Klima

Model: mattweiss
Visualization: expressiv.at + Jakub Klima