WASSocial Housing – 170 Units

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:23.000 m²
  • Year:2015-06
  • PS:1–8 (GP)

WAS – Social Housing, 170 Units

Neighborhood, green and urban

Aspern Seestadt is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. A city inside the city. A lighthouse project of urban design. In the outermost east of Vienna, a new neighborhood was built from the ground up, combining urbanity with nature and embedding various building types in an extensive green area by an artificial lake. In collaboration with Delta, AllesWirdGut was responsible for the planning and construction of a total of five buildings. The exterior of the ensemble, which accommodates residential units, offices, and shops, is something of an eclectic urban space in its way of addressing the theme of urbanity. Based on the premise of facilitating high-quality housing and living, the interior of the buildings reflects the called-for sociality: About 35 apartments in each building are accessible through wide and spacious stairwells, inspired by the Viennese Gründerzeit era. This circulation system is compact and efficient, it keeps construction and operating costs down while encouraging social exchange between residents. Here, AllesWirdGut implements the idea, informed by the House of Life concept, of creating community between the about 100 occupants of the house, with equal parts of young and older people, through a shared stairwell. Mission accomplished!


Planning: ARGE AllesWirdGut & Delta
Project Stages: 1–8 (GP)
Client: BWSG & gartenheim

Competition: 08.2012, 1st prize
Completion: 06.2015
GBA: 23.000 m²

Team: Andreas Göpfert, Benjamin Grab, Christof Braun, Elodie Chastel, Eva Birova, Harald Groll, Jakub Klima, Jan Schröder, Jessica Wannhoff, Kerstin Schön, Lukas Morong, Zeyneb Badur

Structural engineering: Vatter & Partner
Fire protection, structural physics: TB Röhrer
Landscaping: Plansinn GmbH

AllesWirdGut / Guilherme Silva da Rosa
AllesWirdGut / tschinkersten fotografie