W12Residential Quarter Freiham W12

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Munich (DE)
  • GBA:20.967 m²
  • Year:2019-04
  • PS:1–5

506.W12 – Residential Quarter Freiham W12/ Munich (DE)

Language Connects

Clear self-expression provides the basis of fruitful dialogue. To develop the specifications of the binding site plan of the Munich urban development area Freiham Nord into a community-oriented residential quarter, AllesWirdGut embarked on a detailed urban-design articulation of two construction sites. In the process, the cubic outlines were sharpened to make the built volumes relate to one another more discernibly and emphasize the strong ensemble character between them. The goal was to retain the projected block structures while creating outdoor community spaces to merge the quarter with the one that is being raised on the north-side construction field. The result is seven buildings of three different typologies, which now all speak the same language: two atrium houses with generous circulation areas, ample toplighting, and expandable community areas; two balcony-access houses with courtyard-facing entrances, as well as three tower buildings with interior stairwells. Almost all apartments are corner aspect and therefore have optimal daylighting, wheelchair-accessible floor plans, as well as private free spaces such as projecting balconies or loggias. Aside from large community outdoor areas at the ground-floor level—such as public front gardens and a multigenerational terrace—almost all houses offer roof gardens for collective use. The façade design of the quarter is informed by a clear light-dark pattern, with arcades or loggias also standing out in stark contrast against the anthracite-grey exterior façade like notches in a tree trunk. They continue the visual concept that can also be read from the forecourt situation in the south: the public open space typologically responds to the lush greenery of the interior courtyard, which makes for another dichotomy that informs the narrative of an entirely new urban quarter.

Architecture: AllesWirdGut
Project stages: 1–5
Wohnungsgenossenschaft München-West eG, Munich

Direct commission: April 2019
Completion: Oct. 2022
20,967 m²

Team: Alexander Tscherevko, Alexandra Bauch, Alexandra Hegmann, Alexander Gass, Christine Bödicker, Lukas Morong

Electrical engineering, HVAC planning,
structural engineering, fire protection planning, structural physics:
bauart, Munich
bauchplan, Munich

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Visualization: Andre Picaro