TVGNew Technical Administration Building

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Düsseldorf (DE)
  • GBA:93.300 m²
  • Year:2022-09
  • PS:1–8 (GP)

TVG – New Technical Administration Building/ Düsseldorf (DE)

In the City, For the City

The design of the new Technical Administration Building of the municipality of Düsseldorf rests on the foundation of a permeable plinth and articulates the large built volume required in the competition brief as a slender tower of four interlocked tall blocks.

The green plinth is understood as a continuum of directional-space between Moskauer Strasse und IHZ Park whose open design establishes an intuitive connection between the two grade-line levels. A cleft in this building part—kept deliberately low in relation to the surrounding houses—marks the park-side main entrance. Intensive planting on the facades and the plinth-area rooftops invites passing through, and lingering in, the little urban oasis.

Situated above the plinth is a conference center, the technical departments, and a traffic-guidance and tunnel-control center (with separate access). Offering catering and recreational facilities, the floors above that—accommodating a cafeteria with a large terrace and a work-life balance level—connect the public zones with the office floors. These are each structured into two flexibly usable office units revolving around three-story winter gardens and meeting rooms.

The building’s climate and energy concept provides for utilizing local potentials from renewable sources through photovoltaic systems, rainwater harvesting, concrete-core activation, geothermal energy as well as supplementary local heating and cooling. Also in line with the desired positive eco-balance of the building is the timber-concrete composite construction of all floors of the tower. With a high degree of prefabrication and short transport routes, the hybrid construction of the ceilings also makes for a resource-efficient solution. The individually developed zigzagged facade with photovoltaic and decentralized ventilation elements combines passive shading in summer with solar energy-production in winter.

The greening concept for the Technical Administration Building provides for climate-resilient and wind-resistant tree species as intensely colorful grasses and densely growing climbing plants, interweaving the building with its surroundings, from the courtyard to the roof terrace. All through the ground-floor zone, open-air space unfolds from Moskauer Strasse to the park, opening into a generous public square with amenity areas, trick fountains, and loosely planted groups of trees.

“The designs submitted by the award winners give us a first impression of what the new Technical Town Hall could look like. The building, designed as a high-rise, sets a milestone in urban planning and in achieving our climate goals. It is tailored for a modern working environment for the digital future. Modern and flexible workplaces not only set standards for the city administration of Düsseldorf as an employer, but also offer the citizens better and faster administrative processes. In order to achieve these goals, employees are actively involved in planning and development. We are working together on the future of the Düsseldorf administration.”

(Dr. Stephan Keller, Lord Mayor of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital Düsseldorf)

Architecture: AllesWirdGut Architektur, Hertl.Architekten and FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner

Client: IPM Immobilien Projekt Management Düsseldorf GmbH
Project Stages: 1–8 (GP)

Competition: Sept. 2022 – 1st prize
Projected completion: 2029
GFA: 93,300 m²

Competition design team:
AllesWirdGut: Michal Stehlík, Ondřej Stehlík
Hertl.Architekten: Antonia Forster

Landscape architecture: DnD Landschaftsarchitektur ZT, Vienna
Technical building equipment planning: ZFG-Projekt, Baden
Fire protection planning: Corall Ingenieure GmbH, Meerbusch
Energy consulting: Transsolar Klima Engineering, Munich
Facade planning: knippershelbig, Stuttgart
Structural engineering: merz kley partner, Dornbirn

Visualization: bloomimages, Hamburg
Illustrations: AllesWirdGut Architektur & Hertl.Architekten
Model: mattweiss, Vienna