TRNExperimental Housing Vision

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Everywhere (X)
  • GBA:3 m²
  • Year:2000-05
  • PS:1–8

turnOn – Experimental Housing Vision

what turns on people

TurnOn is AWG‘s internationally most commented and recognized project and – unlike their other concepts – is no immediately practicable answer to tricky situations. TurnOn, in many ways euphorically and uncritically misunderstood, must rather be seen as a provocative, almost caricatured statement on current residential philosophies. Once again, the model of automobile business is demonstrated to the building and furniture industry and its potential projected into a further technovision of housing – tracking the relevant trail of astronauts‘ capsules and the tubular prototypes for synthetic and automatic dwelling caves designed from the 50s to the 60s. What awg primarily communicates is an impetus to reform building industries and architects‘ corresponding approach to design. Their impact is a much more powerful meshwork of planning teams and constructional components from which no call is heard for creative individuality, quite like in the case of automobile or EDP combines. Rather, functional and technical optimization would be essential with a teamwork objective to mass-produce ever smaller, ever more powerful components that at once facilitate ever larger ranges of individual operational freedom for end users.

Planning: AllesWirdGut
GBA: 3 m² / Module
Prototype: 05.2000

Many thanks to: Jan Tabor, Elmir Smajic, Vitra Design Museum
Prototype 1: AllesWirdGut + Ronald Zechner
Prototype 2: Tischlerei Franz Walder GmbH

Photographs: Michael Dürr / Vitra Design Museum
Visualisation: AllesWirdGut
Fashion in Visuals: Moschino