• Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Mannheim (DE)
  • GBA:7.180 m²
  • Year:2020-09
  • PS:1–4

SP8 – ANUNDO.Park/ Mannheim (DE)

Close in age, close at heart.

It is, of course, a known fact that the realities of life change with age. In taking account of dynamic user needs, new residential forms have increasingly been a topic of architectural exploration. For the ANUNDO residential project in Mannheim, Germany, which is intended for people 55 and older, living spaces are grouped around semipublic circulation zones and communal areas in the center of the built volume.The gateway to the quarter is a restaurant with generous glazing in the larger-footprint building. The inviting gesture of the plinth zone continues upward across the individual floors: gallery, chimney, and music room vertically combine with workshop, gym, and communal terrace into corresponding communication towers. The circulation areas revolving around the towers are not defined as mere hallways or staircases but rather function as a bridging element between communal (public) and residential (private). The ensemble of high-quality, energy- and resource-saving materials as well as the articulation of a distinctive façade from clinker, concrete, and steel are essential to the design, which, on the inside, is characterized by comfortable and homy materials such as parquet floors, natural stone tiles, and terrazzo in halls, foyers, and communal areas. Those apartments that are without loggias have large arched down-to-floor windows with French balconies. Private units and collectively used areas—they all promise bright perspectives: self-determined living within a community, and a proverbial second spring in the setting of a park landscape.


The core elements of the two objects situated at Spinelli Park are the inside-facing circulation wells, which are distinctly outward-oriented and connect the two houses to form a harmonious compound across lawn area with loosely edged borders.


Architektur: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages:14
Client: ANUNDO Wohnen & Service

Competition: Sept. 20201st Prize
Completion: scheduled Jan. 2023
GFA: 7,180 m² / 55 RUs

Competition Team: Jan Schörder, Karolina Pettikova
Project Team: Arwen Weber, Gui Silva da Rosa, Kerstin Schön, Patrick Tinauer, Till Martin

Structural Engineering: Stümpert-Strunk Part mbB Beratende Ingenieure
HVAC: Enacon GmbH Ludwigshafen
Electrical Engineering: Die E-Planer - Planungsbüro für Elektrotechnik
Structural Physics: 3König architekten + ingenieure Vogl – Baum – Kuhn
Fire Protection Consultants: Stümpert-Strunk Part mbB Beratende Ingenieure
Landscaping: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

Visualizations: Janoušek & Havlíček visualisations
Illustrations: AllesWirdGut