RPAReese Park Augsburg

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Augsburg (DE)
  • GBA:19.600 m²
  • Year:2017-07
  • PS:1–4

RPA – Reese Park Augsburg

Shielded Community

Parks are energy sources that generate biotic comfort zones—as is, and does, Reese Park. On the premises of former military barracks, a housing estate is being built with 120 subsidized apartments, an underground parking garage, and a community and counseling center. A landmark high point in the north-east provides a counterpart to the new retail block on the north side. Situated around a green heart, the estate adjusts to the typologies of the built-up neighborhood. Staggered frontages mark the doorways into houses and the protected green inner courtyard. These differentiated openings and passageways support neighborhood networking. At the same time, they structure the built ensemble into an array of detached buildings, providing for varied interstitial spaces. A topographically variform place of meeting and encounter, the courtyard of the residential estate offers privacy and retreats and, with a leap in scale, sets a contrast to the adjacent public park. The inner courtyards this becomes the collective hub which is also overlooked by the mostly dual-aspect apartments. Staggered building heights from the outside in optimize daylighting and provide accents. Through shared roof terraces, all residents can partake in the shared sunbathed inner courtyard. The result is a permeable and dynamic quarter. A protected atmospheric living environment.


Architecture: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–4
Client: WBG Wohnbaugruppe Augsburg I Leben

Direct commission: 2017
Completion: mid 2021
GFA: 19,600 m²

Team: Ann-Sharon Klein, Christine Bödicker, Jan Fischer, Katrin Schubert, Marie Enders, Martina Berlinger

Landscape architecture: terra.nova

Visualization: expressiv/ Michael Sohm
Illustration: AllesWirdGut