PLUSShop Design

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Pasching (AT)
  • GBA:225 m²
  • Year:2007-03
  • PS:AT 1–5, 7

PLUS – Shop Design

I Need New Shoes, Darling!

The Designer Store is a highlight in the shopping landscape of the PlusCity and a must-have seen  not only because of the unique range of items it offers. A generous space concept of timeless  modernity provides the framework for the assortment of luxury articles. The interior design concept is based on utmost formal reduction of materials and fittings.
The changing rooms are situated in the more quiet back part of the store. In contrast to the light and  soft salesroom, dark wood is used here on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Inside the luxury changing  room, white leather furniture tops off the store’s classy ambience. Service, bar, and lounging furniture also accentuate the special atmosphere.

Client: PlusCity BetriebsGmbH
Project Stages: AT 1–5, 7
Direct Commission: 10.2006
GBA: 225 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team: Elmir Smajic, Jan Schröder, Johann Wittenberger, Michael Sohm, Robert Müller,

Visualizations: AllesWirdGut