PIXZumGlück Tullnerfeld

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Pixendorf (AT)
  • GBA:51.250 m²
  • Year:2019-02
  • PS:1–5, 7


PIX – ZumGlück Tullnerfeld | Rural Residential Estate Pixendorf (AT) – 308 Residential Units + Commercial Units

Grown Variety

The world is a village, people say when, far from home, they run into someone they know. And coming across all sorts of innovative things close to home, one might conversely say that the village is a world. In the case of Pixendorf, that would at least in part be true. For it is here that a new 308-unit residential estate is currently being built that is modeled on the example of existing village center and, as a contemporary reinterpretation, brings forth new variety. Permeable and open, the complex is on par with the old center, expanding the infrastructure it offers and opening up possibilities of mutual exchange. In addition, the residential quarter in the district of Tulln, which fully commits to the idea of sustainability (with solar system, heat pumps, and energy-efficient building layouts), also takes up design element of the existing rural center: on the outside, the farmstead-like array of contiguous built volumes presents itself as a compound of individual buildings which also provide for increasing privacy, the closer you get to the individual occupant’s areas. Block buildings with apartments facing in several directions alternate with atrium houses with an internal arbor access. They are so mingled with one another as to create different residential typologies. Projections and setbacks on the facades create secluded spaces for private yards and at the same time establish a connection with the heterogeneous developments in the immediate neighborhood. Smaller-scale neighborhoods are planned to emerge around the stairwell entrances which are situated facing communal open spaces. Both special-purpose buildings in the center of the quarter define the two collective usable main squares: a meeting point with a long stretched-out table is found here, as are wooden seating platforms inviting relaxation. On the south side, a market square adds to the various outdoor spaces offered. Terraces on the roofs of this village world hold a promise of self-grown fruits and vegetables. They are serve recreational purposes as well as communal Urban Gardening and epitomize the urban-rural guiding idea that informs the whole project: secluded and yet open, familiar and yet innovative.

We integrated the small-scale and dense village structures of Pixendorf into the project and inserted them organically into its context. The new building results with an urban design and infrastructure – including a train connection, kindergarten and market place –, which will enable contemporary living in the village like in the city.


Architecture: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–5, 7
Client: BauConsult group GmbH

Competition: Febuary 2019 – 1st Prize
GVA: 51.250 m² | 308 Living Units, 5 Commercial Units

Team Execution: Adam Gajdos, Anna Dombi, Bogdan Hambasan, Harald Groll, Irvin Ahatovic, Martin Brandt, Pawel Zabczynski, Agron Deralla (BIM-Manager)
Team Competition: Ivana Gavranovic, Ladislav Farkas, Felix Reiner, Jan Schröder

General project management/ technical project management/ site supervision:
Bauconsult real estate projectmanagement GmbH
Structural engineering & Building physics: Pilz & Partner ZT GmbH
Building services engineering: Technisches Büro Lindner GmbH & Co KG
Electrical planning engineering: Gebäudetechnik Waltner GmbH
Landscaping: DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG
Energy Contracting: BCE Beyond Carbon Energy Holding GmbH
BIM Management: SIDE Studio for Information Design GmbH

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Visualizations: picaro.studio
Model: mattweiss