NLSMobile Home

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Everywhere (X)
  • GBA:13 m²
  • Year:2018-07
  • PS:1–5

NLS Mobile Home

On the Road

Living like in a road movie is a dream that many have. To make it come real it takes one thing above all: planning, down to the tiniest detail. The planning of mobile home solutions requires designers to have profound knowledge about space, technology, colors and materials. Given the adventures awaiting it—different climate conditions, various types of sports equipment carried along, or changing configurations of users—a motorhome must be able to perform and deliver, which means that each element primarily has to be practical, optimized, and robust. This is a fact that, in standard manufactured motorhomes, often leads to cozy feel and comfort being literally shut out. Viewed from that angle, the custom-built living unit for the MAN Truck TGM 13290 4x4 by AllesWirdGut is a bold attempt to use intelligent storage facilities, flexible modular furniture, perfectly fit appliances and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, and playful combinations of colors and materials to accentuate different areas and create a unique travel atmosphere. The interior looks friendly and inviting, the materials used are durable and easy-care. With its own photovoltaic system and air-conditioning, the vehicle is entirely energy-independent—in addition, it also has heating, an oven, a small dishwasher, as well as an 800-liter water tank, an alarm system, and an awning to provide shade for the outdoor eating place. And there is a garage compartment for the motorbike, which makes travelers even more mobile—the space also accommodates bicycles or skis. To new shores, then—let’s get on the road around the world!


Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project stages: 15
Client: private

Direct commission: 08.2016
Completion: 07.2018
GFA: 13 m²

Team: Ferdinand Kersten, Lucia de la Dueña Sotelo, Nadine Tschinke

Photos: tschinkersten fotografie
Illustration: AllesWirdGut