NBOInterior Design of the ÖVW office

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:1.970 m²
  • Year:2019-12
  • PS:1–7


NBO – Interior Design ÖVW – Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk/ Vienna (AT)

Recontextualizing the Workplace: Feels Like Home

As a housing construction company, the Österreichische Volkswohnungswerk (ÖVW) has always had the goal of bringing fresh life to cooperative housing. The company motto, after all, is, Welcome home, welcome to ÖVW. The accompanying wish for a recontextualization of the everyday workplace now also finds expression in the new corporate office premises on Am Tabor Street. The interior design concept is based on a powerful combination of vitalizing tones of green and blue, informed by a sense for the human need for quiet, openness, and nature. Clear shapes, accentuating lighting elements, solid flooring, a pointillist décor, and wooden furniture that gently fits into the space provide for an unobtrusive and yet inspiring atmosphere—a place of busy interaction and productive privacy.

The average person spends full eight hours a day at the office, another eight are used for sleep, and only eight more are available for leisure. The goal of the AllesWirdGut design therefore was to imbue their space design concept with that cozy feeling, the sense of comfort we otherwise only know from our home. From the entrance area to the roof terrace, from the flexible workspace to the transparent meeting room, the ÖVW offices, bathed in daylight and intersected by through-views, provide diversified space for the free unfolding of the mind, for constructive thinking, for concentration and natural motivation. The stylistic credo at work here was: Get away from artificial minimalism and go for a contemporary style of classical elegance. Welcome home.

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project master planning, project management & site supervision: DELTA Projektconsult
Project stages: 1–7
Client: ÖVW – Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk

Start of construction: 09.2019 (commission after competition of ideas)
Completion: 12.2019
GFA: 1970 m²

Planning team: Alina Schwarz, Andreas Schmid, Asli Candan, Baptiste Quételart, Lena Schweiger, Lucia de la Duena Sotelo, Monica Petecka, Rachele Albini, Svetla Stoyanova, Thomas Scheiblauer, Vit Gerhard

Photos: tschinkersten fotografie
Illustrations: AllesWirdGut