MQ21Interior Design Quartier 21

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:315 m²
  • Year:2002-09
  • PS:1–8

MQ21 – Infrastructural Pedestal Quartier 21

Stage of Art

The transeuropa theme mall is all about everyday culture in Europe with its new trends and initiatives. Branch offices of several interregional cultural organizations act as driving forces and think tanks for new developments. Transeuropa includes a platform for the Austrian provinces that makes it possible for artists from the individual provinces to increase their presence in the nation’s capital and that will also promote cultural relations between the provinces and the neighbouring European regions.

MQ21 is a gigantic hybrid of furniture and space. As an independent object it describes itself as spine – designwise and functional. Playing around free surfaces and public ways it becomes the only remaining element within the ever-changing group of inhabitants. As a linking sculpture it extends itself into neighbour-rooms, emphasizing on the idea of a public street. As an infrastructural deck it includes all technical supplies, necessary for all possible settlers. Additional furniture objects, which can either be stored inside the mainstructure or be individually distributed around it, increase the flexibility of the overall space.

Client: Museumsquartier Wien Errichtungs GesmbH
Project Stages: 1–8
Invited Competition: 02.2002 - 1st Prize
GBA: 315 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team: Jan Schröder

Visualizations: AllesWirdGut