LR1Provincial Governmental Office

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Erlangen (DE)
  • GBA:23.300 m²
  • Year:2018-07
  • PS:1–9

LR1 Provincial Government Office

Lucky charm

How a public building can become a regional landmark, a good-luck piece of architecture, is evidenced by the District Administration Office in downtown Erlangen. A pivotal point of urban design and quarter development, the four-leaf-clover-shaped building provides a vitalizing urban accent. All around it, new open areas were created whose quality adds to, and upgrades, the surrounding public space. An urban design situation that considers regional and supraregional communications and links important inner-city routes provides the basis for an easy-to-navigate administration building which provides for intuitive orientation for all existing pedestrian flows and brings visitors by the shortest possible route to the central entrance hall with a several-story atrium. The light-bathed transparent ground floor area is publicly accessible from all sides—open to each and everybody. A cafeteria offers indoor and outdoor seating. Through a free-standing spiral staircase, employees and visitors get to the upper floors where all office workplaces are accommodated. Added to the smooth glass façade are aluminum slats that offer protection against the sun and bring movement and depth to the façade. A lively landmark, a public building with a four-leaf-clover shape as a lucky charm for the region.


Planning & On Site Managment: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–9
Client: City of Erlangen Höchstadt

Competition: 06.2012 – 1. Preis
Completion: 07.2018
GFA: 23.300 m²

Team competition: Andreas Göpfert, Christian Zotz
Team execution: Bernhard Schnetz, Christian Zotz, Christof Braun, Ferdinand Kersten, Katharina Kuchler, Michael Strixner, Nadine Tschinke, Nicholas Rivero, Petra Panna Nagy

Landscape planning: el:ch Landschaftsarchitektur München
Supervision of construction (PS 6–8): ganzWerk Nürnberg
Building Services: Ecoplan Bamberg
Structural engineering: SFP-Ingenieure Erlangen

Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2018
Illustration: AllesWirdGut