KAPThe Kapellenhof

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:51.680 m²
  • Year:2019-10
  • PS:AT 1–5, 7

KAP – The Kapellenhof Estate (1220 Vienna) – 450 Living Units

My New Home

Uniquely situated around a spacious urban grove on Kapellenweg in Vienna’s 22nd district is a residential estate which, conceptually and aesthetically, is modeled on the municipal housing of the traditional Viennese Gemeindebau. Conceived as a large courtyard estate, a clear and self-confident ensemble emerges: the Kapellenhof. Here 450 new residential units were completed to designs by AllesWirdGut and feld72, whose collaborative planning gave special attention to the potentials of the location—views and greenery. Small-scale built-up areas on the fringes as well es the courtyard—the size of a soccer pitch—afford each apartment the widest possible view. Laid out as an adventurous, topographically varied urban grove that offers private retreats and open clearings, the courtyard is framed by four buildings, which all have designated community areas with terraces for collective use. The grove as a shared green hub encourages, and lends itself, to good neighborliness. The idea of providing sites of encounter and interaction for more than 1,000 new residents is also given expression in a multi-purpose space on the north side and a community pub and diner at the southern intersection. A vital four-sided ensemble where trees and neighborly relations grow!

Architecture: ARGE AllesWirdGut | feld72
Project Stages: 1–5, 7
Developer: migra/ Neues Leben/ WOGEM

Competition: 08.2016 – 1st Prize
Completion: 10.2019
Total GFA: 51.680

AllesWirdGut Execution Team: Felix Kämpfel, Harald Groll, Jan Schröder, Marta Bimova, Philipp Seitz, Svetla Stoyanova
AllesWirdGut Competition Team: Anna Auwermann, Carla Schwaderer, Jan Schröder, Jessica Wannhoff

feld72 Execution Team: Arjan Van Toorenburg, Nora Sahr, Ralph Reisinger, Zsuzsanna Balla
feld72 Competition Team: Elian Trinca, Marino Fei, Ralph Reisinger, Wilhelm Scherübl

Statics: Dorr - Schober & Partner ZT GmbH
Structural engineering: Kern+Ingenieure ZT GmbH
Building services: IDK Engineering
Open space areas: carla lo Landschaftsarchitektur
Social sustainability: Mag. Sonja Gruber

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut/ feld72
Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2020