HILResidential Quarter Hilligenwöhren

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Hanover (DE)
  • GBA:8.710 m²
  • Year:2020-12
  • PS:1–5

HIL – Hilligenwöhren Residential Quarter, Hannover-Bothfeld

Quarter of life

Three pentagonal buildings are grouped around a heart-like inner square—a vital, vibrant residential quarter emerges! The urban design proposal is understood as a prototypical quarter-building block that contributes to a coherent built ensemble and creates a varied and livable urban space. Fit into the corners of a trapezoid-shaped site, the three independent built volumes with plain façades establish a distinctive identity, informed by a flexible residential typology so as to be also able to respond to changing requirements in the future. The exterior spaces of the estate in Hanover-Bothfeld are varied, with generous greenery, and encourage community use. In the spirit of social togetherness, the project is based on the House of Life concept, which provides for communities of up to 80 residents from different generations. Following this idea, the core of each building is a central atrium stairwell which accesses an average of 27 residential units.
A generously dimensioned sculpture modeled on the Gründerzeit staircase, it creates, due to its high amenity quality—daylighting, visual axes, green plants, and water—a site of lively interaction and encounter. Quite in keeping with the heterogeneity of its occupants, the Hilligenwöhren residential quarter presents itself as an energy-charged vital habitation which, with clearly structured and multifunctional interior spaces, facilitates various different forms of living.


Generous access areas and naturally lit, open staircases combine to create a place for exchange and encounters.


Architecture: AllesWirdGut + laser architekten
Project Stages: 1–5
Client: Gundlach GmbH & Co. KG

Competition: June 2016 – 1st Prize
Completion: December 2020
GFA: 8,710 m²

Team Competition: Felix Reiner, Jessica Wannhoff, Szymon Lapaj
Team Execution: Andreea Visan, Barbora Klusakova, Elmar Gurbanov, Georg Scherrer, Jan Schröder, Kaan Ertaylan, Michael Haas, Olaf Härtel, Sebastian Simon

Landscape planning: nsp landschaftsarchitekten stadtplaner
Building physics: bfb – Büro für Bauphysik
Technical building equipment & electrical planning: iwb Ingenieure
Structural engineering: Barakat & Doering Ingenieure
Fire protection: HHP West

Illustration: AllesWirdGut + laser architekten
Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2022