G13Residential development Gallgasse

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:6.570 m²
  • Year:2014-12
  • PS:AT 1–5, 7

G13 – Residential development Gallgasse, 1130 Vienna

Light, Air, and Green Views

Light, air, and green views all around define the ambience of an apartment estate in Gallgasse in Vienna’s 13th district. On a park-like site, AllesWirdGut transformed an ensemble of existing older spaces, last refurbished and reshaped in the 1980s, into modern living spaces. The challenge consisted in fitting modern apartment floor plans into these heterogeneous structures while preserving as much of them as possible. The result is four lively built volumes that accommodate 46 high-quality condominiums. Most of the apartments could be reconfigured so as to have dual aspect, which made for open, well-lit spaces. Additional daylight was brought in by enlarging window areas and by using French windows. In addition to the community-used park with its old trees, large terrace, pergola, outdoor kitchen, small children’s playground, each apartment has its own private outdoor areas. Own gardens with terraces and generous balconies bring the surrounding verdure to the interior and offer pleasant views of trees like ginkgo and yew.


Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–5, 7
Client: WVG Bauträger GesmbH, Vienna

Completion: 12.2014
GBA: 8.940 m²

Team: Alexander Mayer, Christof Braun, Diogo Cruz, Gui Silva da Rosa, Jan Schröder, Jessica Wannhoff, Juliane Ullmann, Martin Brandt, Nadine Tschinke

Structural physics / fire protection: Dipl. Ing. Erich Röhrer
Structural engineering: KS Ingenieure
Building services: BPS Engineering
Landscape Architecture: Carla Lo

Photos: © AllesWirdGut / Guilherme Silva Da Rosa