• Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Munich (DE)
  • GBA:982.000 m²
  • Year:2014-09
  • PS:1

FIZ – BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre

The FIZ has been a landmark in the northern Munich cityscape for many years. The long-term expansion of the location is a top priority for BMW. Aside from bringing a positive impulse for the carmaker’s corporate development, this also has a huge potential to improve the urban-design quality of the entire district.
While, in our concept, the green fringe, a large, continuous and identity-shaping open space, provides for harmonious integration in the adjacent urban areas, the park on the north side, the central artificial biotope, and the south-side campus generate a surplus value both for BMW and the urban district at large. This is an opportunity of sharing with neighbors the infrastructure available to BMW employees and of opening green areas and public facilities for community use, reemphasizing BMW’s human-centered corporate philosophy (“Putting people at the center”). At the same time, this helps significantly improve the external perception of BMW and create positive public awareness. The Werk.Stadt (“worktown”) continues to be the busy heart of the FIZ centre. Urban-design-wise, this section of the project relies on the existing core FIZ structures, which are expanded in an even more intensely mixed-use development up until the park on the north side.

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Client: BMW Group

Competition: 09.2014 – Finalist
GBA: 982.000 m²

Team: Antonio Boeri, Felix Reiner, Michal Stehlik, Nicola Zikic, Ondrej Stehlik

Landscape: Club L94
Sustainability and Technique: Transsolar Klimaengineering
Traffic: StadtLandVerkehr Planungsgesellschaft

Model: mattweiss
Visualization: VizArch feat. AllesWirdGut