EBSElectronic Based Systems Center

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Graz (AT)
  • GBA:5.422 m²
  • Year:2020-02
  • PS:1–7 (GP)

EBS – Electronic Based Systems Center (TU Graz)

BIM is Magical

The new building of the EBS Center on the Graz University of Technology’s Inffeld grounds marks a kind of starting and end point. As a figurative punctuation mark, the built volume was articulated as a free-standing complex. The Center’s distinctive six-story east-side façade provides the urban front facing the campus. Gradated building heights descending toward plinth level make for a gentle transition to the surrounding green areas and the small-scale built neighborhood. The complex is structured into lab and research facilities, and above them, a block building used for offices. Its compact internal core with a stairwell and adjacent side rooms makes for short distances. Informal meeting booths offer privacy and add to the circulation areas. While the office spaces on the upper floors are organized in a U-shape around the building core, the communication zones are conceived as an expansion of the internal circulation areas and oriented toward the green vegetation outside. In the EBS Center, AllesWirdGut broke new ground in terms of planning. For this was the first time that a project was developed as an Open BIM project with involvement of all specialist planners from the very start. In this way, an exceptionally detailed plan was available already at an early project stage. Period. Exclamation point!


Architecture: Generalplaner ARGE AllesWirdGut / FCP
Project Stages: 1–7 (GP)
Client: BIG, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m. b. H

Competition: Jan. 2015—1st Prize
Completition: Feb. 2020
GFA: 5,422 sqm

AllesWirdGut competition team: Ondrej Stehlik, Michal Stehlik
AllesWirdGut planning team: Agron Deralla (BIM-Manager), Johannes Windbichler, Katarína Malinaričová, Mehmed Köklü, Paul Csamay, Stephan Lechner

Structural engineering: FCP - Fritsch, Chiari & Partner
Structural physics / fire protection: DI Ianko Ivanov
Building services: GAWAPLAN
Electrical engineering: Kubik Project Ges.m.b.H.

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2020