DONGDon Gil Shopdesign

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:2.020 m²
  • Year:2005-09
  • PS:1–5

DONG – Don Gil Shopdesign

The place to shop, the place to be...

The architectonic concept is based on a more reserved interior design that remains discretely in the  background. The so-called ‘catwalk’ as a ‘constructed Don Gil logo’ pushes into the foreground,  guaranteeing a high degree of recognizability. The elongated, sculpturally folded walkway stretches from the display levels into the central sales rooms.

However, this multifunctional ‘valet’ conjoins the different speeds of the store into a pleasant,  moderate tempo: the magnesite floor animates a constant coming and going. In order to achieve  maximum permeability and clarity on all sales sections, the majority of the goods offered are stored in a full-surface wall unit. These furnishings result in a reserved, harmonious spatial shell. High quality materials and the same cultivated atmosphere also greet the customer in the changing  rooms. Comfortable armchairs also invite customers to relax, hang out, even enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Client: Don Gil Textilhandels GmbH
Project Stages: 1–5

Invited Competition: 09.2000 – 1st Prize
GBA: 2.020 m²

Team: Erika Ratvay, Jan Schröder, Mathias Raiger, Nadine Berger, Paula Groß

Visualizations: AllesWirdGut