WILResidential & business district Wilten

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Innsbruck (AT)
  • GBA:28.040 m²
  • Year:2015-08
  • PS:1

WIL – New living with Mountain view

A tasteful reinterpretation

Across the street from the Innsbruck West Station, a new residential estate is projected in the Wilten district. The design proposal from AllesWirdGut is for a varied urban quarter with preservation of a valuable existing building, a polygonal tower as a freestanding land­mark, and architectural continuation of the adjacent built-up environment. The idea is to upgrade the area around the station through an identity-making urban design impulse. A strong new ensemble of different building types takes the local historical context into account and defines a high-quality free space within the given block perimeter.

As to the individual buildings, the proposed project uses design elements similar to those of the surrounding Gründerzeit buildings, which are subtly distinct in their articulation of detail and coloring. The result is six individual buildings that are connected and yet clearly distinguishable. Old and new buildings harmoniously complement each other and add up into a differentiated urban fabric.

The structural integrity of the perimeter block is maintained against the heavy-traffic Egger-Lienz-Strasse, integrating the existing historical architecture. An elevated point across the street from the station creates an adequate urban-design counterpart.

The courtyard space is interpreted as a large park with an intricate network of circulation paths that connect buildings and residents.

Architects: AllesWirdGut
Developer: ZIMA Holding AG

Competition: August 2015 – 3rd Prize
GFA: 28.040 m²

Competition Team: Ákos Perge, Bruno Melis, Felix Reiner

Visualization: AllesWirdGut / Expressiv