LUDResidential Quarter Ludlstraße

  • Status:Construction
  • Typology:HOU, URB
  • Location:Munich (DE)
  • GBA:49.700 m²
  • Year:2015-03
  • PS:1–5

LUD – Residential quarter Ludlstraße Munich – 373 units

Munich Freedom

A new residential neighborhood of 373 apartments is currently being developed on a 30,000 square-meter site on Munich’s Ludlstrasse. The design proposal submitted by AllesWirdGut in collaboration with el:ch Landscape Design came out winning in the architectural competition. Construction of the 90-million project is scheduled to begin in 2017.

Munich’s largest residential developer, GEWOFAG, held an architectural competition for the project which was won by AllesWirdGut. Aside from 373 apartment units, the Ludlstrasse development will include a local neighborhood center with artist studios, assisted living facilities, a multigenerational house, a family and advice center, and a children’s house.
One particular design challenge was to screen the development from an urban highway running along the south edge of the site. This was solved by AllesWirdGut with a constructional noise barrier that may be interpreted as a curtain shielding the estate from emissions. Detached polygonal apartment blocks that are scattered across the site open toward a park landscape.
Public outdoor spaces for community use are interspersed with the secluded private gardens of individual ground-floor apartments. A clearly structured outdoor space concept helps finding one’s way between the built volumes.
Generally, the focus was on giving the new Ludlstrasse housing its own unique character, which facilitates identification with the place for future residents and brings an upgrade for the entire neighborhood.
The jury statement says that the “required apartment-type mix was conclusively implemen­ted. The detached block buildings are accessed through a highly efficient, central circulation well, which has its own geometry and makes for a nice entrance on every floor. (…) The noise barrier buildings on the south side consist of block with two and five apartments per floor. (…) The polygonal geometry of the building skin is continued inside in the proposed floor plans. (…) The polygonal built volumes required in the urban-design brief were conclusively implemented and could make the new Ludlstrasse housing a distinctive, unmistakable address. (…).“

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Project Stages: 1–5
Client: GEWOFAG Holding

Competition: 03.2015
Start of construction: 2017
Completion: 2021
GBA: 49.700 m²

Competitionteam: Adam Gajdoš, Felix Reiner, Jan Schröder, Kai Sommer, Lukas Morong, Rachele Albini
Executionteam: Andrea Bitter, Eva Bírová, Jakub Klima, Jan Fischer, Jan Schröder, Kerstin Schön, Kristina Demund, Leonie Winkler, Lukas Morong, Lydia Hellwig, Paula Groß, Sophie Schober

Landscape Design: el:ch Landschaftsarchitektur
Structural Engineering: Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker
Building Services: DI_Duschl Ingenieure
Electrical Engineering: IB SBS
Fireprotection: Müller BBM
Building physics: Möhler und Partner
Urban master plan: Lorber Paul Architekten

Illustrations: AllesWirdGut
Model: mattweiss
Visualization: Expressiv