HOLBruckner Tower Linz

  • Status:Construction
  • Typology:EDU, HOU, MIX, URB
  • Location:Linz (AT)
  • GBA:40.491 m²
  • Year:2017-03
  • PS:1–6


A Pillar of Urban Development

The high-rise in the north of the city of Linz brings lively and diversified facilities for living, working, and education to the urban fabric. This new neighborhood building block is part of a consistent urban-design ensemble and helps create a varied and livable cityscape. AllesWirdGut, together with Hertl.Architekten, came out wining in the project competition for a high-rise building on the former premises of the private Anton Bruckner University in Linz. The clearly readable sculptural building accentuates as a landmark the urban landscape east of the Lentia complex. Bent facades respond to the urban planning situation, giving the tower a slender look with varying aspects and identification potential. Multiple façade orientations provide for optimized lighting conditions and views. The distinctive building shape is emphasized by stripe-like wraparound balconies with parapets, whose materiality dissolves upward from massive concrete on the lower to optically lighter glass on the top floors, giving the building an air of subtle fineness.

The transparent two-story building base, which accommodates a school and kindergarten, organically connects to the residential high rise, establishing a formal unity. Like an open ring, the base encloses an inner courtyard that generously open to a plaza on the north side of the building. The entrance to the residential building is from another plaza on the south-western side facing Wildbergstaße. Aside from the courtyard and the two plazas, luxuriant green areas also extend on the rooftops of base and tower.

Client/Developer: Bruckner Immobilien GmbH
Project Stages: 16
Competition: March 2017 – 1st Prize
GFA: 40,500 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut mit Hertl.Architekten
Team: Barbara Schickermüller, Christopher Schweiger, Dominic Fohrer, Eva Oberndorfer, Felix Reiner, Florian Gottler, Johannes Windbichler, Teresa Ricardo, Tin Jelavic, Rachele Albini, Vittorio Salvadori (AllesWirdGut)
Antonia Forster, Carmen Suchy, Caroline Waglhuber Christian Spindler, Michael Albrecht, Ursula Hertl (Hertl.Architekten)

Landscape architecture: DnD Landschaftsarchitektur
Visualization: expressiv (Interior Rendering: Riepl)