FSFLeisure- and Sports Center Fließ

  • Status:Planning
  • Typology:MIX
  • Location:Fließ (AT)
  • GBA:1.400 m²
  • Year:2018-02
  • PS:1–5

FSF – Leisure and Sports Center, Fließ (AT)

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20 years after our first Village Center project - "DOZ", we are now planning a sports and leisure center for the small community of Fließ in Tyrol. Apart from a mountain arena for the local soccer club with a tournament pitch and training ground, grandstand, swimming pool, track-and-field, tennis, and trend sports facilities, the project also includes a landmark clubhouse. As a leitmotif of the design, suspended horizonal planes are placed on and above and off the slope edges.

With the remodeling of the swimming pool and tennis courts and the newly built sports and leisure center, important clubs and their facilities are brought together in one location, creating—within walking distance from the school and the village center—an attractive sports and recreational offer for the local population.

The topography and site shape call for sensitive interventions and a sparing use of existing areas. The large playing fields are positioned on the existing level plateau; other sports grounds are so embedded in the terraced landscape as to necessitate as little earthwork and as few retaining walls as possible. Locating the central sports grounds and the locker rooms on the same level provides for barrier-free no-threshold access and usability of the main facilities.

The eye-catcher of the sports center premises is the clubhouse, which aligns with a succession of structural elevations along the alpine slope terraces and, on the south-east boundary of the site, markedly projects with suspended horizontal floor slabs, while the ground and basement floors are embedded in the existing topography. The ground floor is directly assigned to use for soccer purposes, with locker rooms, rooms for referees and trainers, showers and restrooms for both players and visitors all situated on ground-floor level. The upper floor of the clubhouse is accessed through covered outside stairs from the main entrance, which is at level with the pitch. The suspended pavilion-like built volume accommodates the club restaurant with a bar and dining area. The upper floor has full-height glazing and an all-around balconied terrace, which does not only make for an attractive visitor terrace overlooking the soccer pitch, but also enables a 360-degree panoramic view over the village, sports grounds, and surrounding landscape.

An elevated running track is proposed on the southern long side of the soccer pitch; in the center, this platform widens into a grandstand facing the main field. The sports grounds thus turn into a partly enclosed arena. At the same time, the platform provides shade and weather protection for the outside parking lot while shielding it from view from the sunbathing area and sports grounds. On the east-facing side, the projecting long-jump pit produces an expressive, highly visible design effect, accentuating the entrance to the sports premises and the clubhouse. On the west side, a new distinctive portal is built as an entrance to the swimming pool plus sauna and sun deck, which are integrated in the roof, completing the facilities.

Architects: AllesWirdGut Architektur ZT GmbH, Vienna, Munich
Project stages: LPH 1–5
Client: Fließ Community Administration

Competition: May 2018 – 1st prize
Completion: 2020
GFA: 1,400 m²

Team: Barbora Tothova, Christopher Palm, Felix Reiner (competition team)
Guilherme Silva Da Rosa, Johannes Windbichler, Nadine Tschinke (project team)

Landscape planning: DnD Landschaftsplanung, Vienna
Structural engineering: Werner Zanon, Zams

Visualization: AllesWirdGut
Illustration: AllesWirdGut
Model: mattweiss