FMOFUNKE Media Office

  • Status:Construction
  • Typology:OFF
  • Location:Essen (DE)
  • GBA:46.000 m²
  • Year:2017-09
  • PS:1–6 (GP)

FMO – Funke Media Office

„Generous, confident, clear and open!“

AllesWirdGut were commissioned to build the corporate headquarters of the international FUNKE Media Group at their corporate home base in Essen, Germany. A longitudinal volume provides the backbone of the urban development site called “Grüne Mitte” (“Green Middle”). Three annexes extending from it point like fingers to the outdoor spaces of the adjacent residential estates. A variation of different spaces is offered both in the interior and the outdoor areas.
The endpoint of the urban design ensemble is the FUNKE Media Tower. The premises comprise public spaces (lobbies, a restaurant, conference areas and lounging zones), areas for business use including editorial departments and offices, a children’s day care center, and training rooms. The design concept is based on colors: black, silver, and white, as an allusion to the printing process (black ink, silver dies, white paper).
The entire outdoor areas are planned to have uniform flooring of large terrazzo-concrete pavement tiles, which emphasize the urban character of the ensemble. Dense rows of trees are interspersed with lawn strips and court-like green areas. A generous water plaza connects the two public-realm spaces “Grüne Mitte” and “Berliner Platz”.

Webcam Construction Site

General Planning: ARGE WAZ.MO AllesWirdGut + FCP
Project Stages: 1–6 (GP)
Client: FUNKE Mediengruppe / Berliner Platz Projektentwicklungs GmbH

Invited Competition: 08.2012 – 2nd Prize
Opening: 12.2018
GBA: 46.000 m²

Team Competition: Andreas Göpfert, Olaf Härtel
Team Execution: Diogo Cruz, Fabian Kitzberger, Franziska Sturm, Gerhard Höllmüller, Giulia Bertuzzi, Gui Silva da Rosa, Harald Groll, Jessica Wannhoff, Johanna Aufner, Julia Stockinger, Kassandra Koutsoftas, Lucia de la Dueña Sotelo, Martin Brandt, Martin Gajdos, Olaf Härtel, Ondrej Stehlik, Till Martin, Stephan Lechner, Veronika Bienert, Zeyneb Badur

Landscape Design: Club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten
Structural Engineering: FCP - Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH
Building Services: ZFG-Projekt GmbH
Electrical Engineering: Kubik Project Ges.m.b.H.
Building Physics: DI Röhrer
Energy Consultant: transsolar
Fire Protection: BSCON
Professional Kitchen Solution: stria Ingenieurbüro
Light Planning: Pokorny Lichtarchitektur
Cost estimation: Ingenieurbüro Radl

Model: mattweiss