BSEVocational School Embelgasse

  • Status:Built
  • Typology:EDU
  • Location:Vienna (AT)
  • GBA:5.820 m²
  • Year:2015-02
  • PS:AT 1–5, 7

BSE – Vocational School for Administration

A Citizen-Friendly School of Administration

The only enclosure around the new school in Embelgasse is the perimeter of the block.With its large glass surfaces, the ground floor affords an insight into everyday school life, opening the inside of the block to the street.
The outward appearance of the new vocational training school is characterized by openness, transparency, and through views.
On the upper floors, what is going on inside the school is presented, in a typecase-like grid pattern, as part of the facade and thus of the street space. In this way, the close connection between administration and the public finds positive architectural expression on both sides. Through a generous two-level lobby, students have direct access to the classrooms that begin from the second floor upward. The lobby brings the airiness of the courtyard into the building. Classrooms are kept transparent toward the circulation and communication areas – a continuum of inter-related learning, working, and communication spaces.
Complementing this is a number of varied outdoor spaces: a shady inner courtyard, a sunny roof terrace and a courtside terrace on the second floor so that students have an outdoor space close at hand at any time.

Client: Vienna City
Project Stages: 1–5, 7
Competition: 02.2011 – 1st Prize
Completion: 02.2015
GBA: 5.820 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team: Alexander Mayer, Atsushi Kaneko, Christian Zotz, Guilherme Silva da Rosa, Isabel Espinoza Tratter, Johannes Windbichler, Johann Wittenberger, Martin Brandt, Ondrej Stehlik, Peter Czimadi

Fire Protection: Röhrer Bauphysik
Structural engineering: iC-consulenten
Structural physics: Clemens Häusler

Photographs: © AllesWirdGut / Guilherme Silva Da Rosa