ALTCommunity Center

  • Status:
  • Typology:
  • Location:Altlengbach (AT)
  • GBA:2.300 m²
  • Year:2014-03
  • PS:1

ALT – Community Center

Altlengbach's new Mid-Village

The village center of Altlengbach is characterized by an intact built-up structure. Despite several public buildings, its potential nevertheless does not appear to be fully utilized. As is, the state road (“Landesstraße”) rather is a divide. The school, parish community center and church all seem isolated from one another, although they have the potential of forming a landmark ensemble. The plan is to concentrate the public buildings above the through road, creating an ensemble of church, school and community center. This succession of public buildings definitely strengthens the south part of the village center, generating the densifi­cation that is needed to enliven the free areas in between by defining squares, passageways, and public terraces with a high amenity value. The markedly sloped site facilitates large uses such as the library and multi-purpose hall to be built into the terrain, leaving the view of the parish church—typical of the village—unblocked. Below the street, the existing medical house is ex­panded into a public health center by adding a practice building for the local doctor and a pharmacy. Compared to the situation today, the density of develop­ment is significantly reduced, which makes room for a new parking lot that brings together, and adds to, the existing parking spaces available.

Client: Marktgemeinde Altlengbach
Competition: 03.2014 – 1st prize
GBA: 2.300 m²

Planning: AllesWirdGut
Team: Antonio Boeri, Jan Skoumal
Visualization: VIZ.arch