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Just in time for our 20th anniversary, we now present our new booklet, which shows the completions of the last 5 years and ongoing projects of our office.


16.07.20 | Newsletter

Something is going on between the Danube and Danube Canal - or: where former train drivers and captains salute each other by saying "Servus!" and "Grüß Gott!".

With its 75 hectares of freight station area of ​​the former Nordbahnhof and its "Gstetten" (Austrian for: fallow or waste land), the Nordbahn Quarter is one of Vienna's most exciting and, above all, the closest urban development area to the city center. Therefore we are happy to be able to contribute to this major project and have recently completed two projects in this district.


29.06.20 | Getting on a roll

The construction phase of the Residential Quarter + Day Care Center on Preußenstraße in Munich has just begun.

Contemporary housing is like an oasis. It springs up near arteries of life and provides fertile seedbeds that bring forth flourishing communities. Lined by an elevated railway track on the east side and functioning as a shielding cornerstone, the green mixed-use quarter by Munich’s Preußenstraße seeks to bracket its heterogeneous surroundings into a harmonious whole.


22.06.20 | Bruno Marek Meets Am Tabor

Our project NBH Residential & Commercial Building in Vienna’s urban development area Nordbahnhof was recently completed.

With a residential and business project on the premises of the former Northern Railway Station, AllesWirdGut laid a foundation stone in one of Vienna’s most exciting urban development areas. Situated on the new Bruno-Marek-Allee at the corner of Am Tabor, an ensemble of up to 35 meters in height has been built and completed.


15.06.20 | Vision of a lively, vibrant city

Our contribution to the competing planning study “Between Christophstraße and Storlachstraße” for Reutlingen (DE) convinced the jury and received a honorable mention.


08.06.20 | From a Distance

Our high-rise project Račianska in Bratislava (SK) with a total of 300 residential units is slowly rising towards the sky.

Encounter instead of loneliness. Activity against stagnation. The residential high-rises planned in Bratislava by AllesWirdGut with the collaboration of an international team of experts establish a pioneering built-up environment attractive enough to strengthen human interaction over the rampant indifference found in many places.


01.06.20 | So far, so good

The construction site of the Ludlstraße residential quarter is making good progress: construction sections 1 & 2 are scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year, construction section 3 in July next year.

Polygonal residential blocks appear like sprinkled across the landscape, providing the accentuated background against a curtain-like foreground. Conceived as a variform and colorful urban-design mix, the site of the new Ludlstraße housing estate accommodates, aside from 373 residential units, a community center with artist studios, living communities and a multigenerational house, a family and counseling...


25.05.20 | Update from Fließ

With so far 12,000 hours of personal work by the local clubs & volunteers together with the Community Administration, the opening of the football center is planned for September!

20 years after their village center project, AllesWirdGut are now planning another gem of communal architecture in the village of Fließ in Tyrol. Within walking distance from the school and the village center, a mountain arena is being built for the local soccer club, which includes a tournament and a training pitch, a grandstand, swimming pool, track-and-field, tennis, and trend sports facilities...


27.05.20 | Newsletter

AllesWirdGut in Vienna & Munich

Our current newsletter is full of news and information about our activities in and around Munich: a veritable smorgasbord of synergies and inter-urban similarities, as we think.


18.05.20 | Feels Like Home

That, aside from turning home into an office, we can also make an office a home is evidenced by our recently completed office design for the ÖVW.

As a housing construction company, the Österreichische Volkswohnungswerk (ÖVW) has always had the goal of bringing fresh life to cooperative housing. The company motto, after all, is, Welcome home, welcome to ÖVW. The accompanying wish for a recontextualization of the everyday workplace now also finds expression in the new corporate office premises on Am Tabor Street.


11.05.20 | Start of construction

The construction phase of our project Residential Quarter Hilligenwöhren in Hanover-Bothfeld (DE) has recently started.

Three pentagonal buildings are grouped around a heart-like inner square—a vital, vibrant residential quarter emerges! The urban design proposal is understood as a prototypical quarter-building block that contributes to a coherent built ensemble and creates a varied and livable urban space.



Send your order to and get your issue for 27,90 Euro (incl. shipping).

Just in time for our 20th anniversary, we now present our new booklet, which shows the completions of the last 5 years and ongoing projects of our office.