10.09.18 | IN APPROACH

Our second contribution to the urban development project in Kirchberg is the Quartier du Parc Reimerwee.

The stretched-out buildings in the Quartier du Parc in Kirchberg, Luxembourg, are situated on the northeastern edge of a development area. The northwestern side is bounded by Konrad Adenauer Boulevard. On the south side, the ensemble opens to Parc Reimerwee.


03.09.18 | INSTANT GLORY

Just completed and already awarded. Our project Landratsamt Erlangen-Höchstadt will be awarded the Frankenpreis next week.

With this significant building AllesWirdGut marks the structural upgrading of this part of the inner city of Erlangen in Bavaria. The new Provincial Government Office forms the pivotal element of the district development.


27.08.18 | HONORED

Our project magdas hotel (AT) was awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design with the International Architecture Award 2018.

In the design the interior spaces - lobby, restaurant and bar, hotel rooms, and apartments - AllesWirdGut used existing pieces, found objects, and an ingenious mix of elements. The reduced, well-matched and elegant color concept that informs the visible surfaces is accentuated with distinctive individual furnishings, pieces with a past and finds with a history.



An independent city block with an island-like identity and a green, quiet center as a district design for the Grunewaldstraße in Regensburg.



for the second time in a row, our team Munich won the title in the sandcastle competition at Kulturstrand. Chapeau!


06.08.18 | ON THE ROAD

A custom made residential construction for the MAN Truck TGM 13290 4×4 – “NILS – Mobile Home” by AllesWirdGut.

Comfort of travel and living on just a few square meters requires designers to bring to bear intricate knowledge of space, technique, color, and material. Each individual element must be meaningful, optimized, and robust. Sensual and homey feel and atmosphere usually fall short in the run-of-the-mill motorhome.



The construction of the residential quarter Ludlstraße, Munich with 373 residential units is progressing well.

A new residential neighborhood of 373 apartments is currently being developed on a 30,000 square-meter site on Munich’s Ludlstrasse. The design proposal submitted by AllesWirdGut in collaboration with el:ch Landscape Design came out winning in the architectural competition.


23.07.18 | IT’S DONE!

The approval planning for 255 apartments of the residential ensemble Freiham in Munich (DE) has been completed!

In the new Freiham quarter in western Munich, AllesWirdGut will be building about 255 residential units as well as facilities for various social and cultural uses.


16.07.18 | 1ST PRIZE…

... for our contribution to the invited competition "Perlach Plaza" for the new center "KulturQuadrat" at Hanns-Seidel-Platz in Neuperlach, Munich.

An urban mixed use of retail and service businesses, restaurants, residential units, and a hotel make Perlach Plaza the calling card of the new Neuperlach neighborhood. At the heart of the master plan is a roughly 5,000 square meter central park enclosed, and shielded, by buildings.


09.07.18 | Shielded Community

At the former barracks area in the west of Augsburg, a housing complex with 120 subsidized apartments will be built by 2021.

A direct commission for the project was awarded to AllesWirdGut by developer Wohnbaugruppe Augsburg I Leben in 2017. A high point overlooking the northeast square is the landmark of the quarter and a counterpoint to the new retail block in the north.